There is a measure of achievement for Scout units called the Journey to Excellence which used to be called the Quality Unit Award. This achievement not only tells the leadership how they did in the past but also indicates how the program is currently functioning. A high performing Troop is Planning, Recruiting, Camping, Advancing and Volunteering. Below are the 2016 Goals for the award.

Troop 1159 is proud to have earned the Gold award for high performance in the Journey to Excellence

Troop 1159 JTE
2017Gold 1900 of 2000
2016Gold 1800 of 2000
2015Gold 1850 of 2000

Planning and Budget Measures

The troop has a program plan and budget that is reviewed at all troop committee meetings, and the troop follows BSA policies relating to fundraising and fiscal management as found on the Unit Money-Earning Application form and any other publication that the council has developed for fundraising and fiscal management. A meeting is held with youth leaders where they are involved in developing the plan for the next program year.

Membership Measures

The troop has a growth plan, and conducts a formal recruiting event. On December 31, 2016, the troop has an increase in the number of youth members as compared to the number registered on December 31, 2015. A membership growth plan template can be found at

Number of youth members on the most recent charter renewal (A) divided by the number of youth registered at the end of the prior charter year (B) minus any age-outs (C). Total = (A) / (B-C). Age-outs are youth who are too old to reregister as Boy Scouts.

Hold at least two activities with a pack or Webelos den, and recruit new Webelos Scouts into the troop. Den chiefs are provided to one or more Cub Scout dens.

Program Measures

Total number of Boy Scouts advancing at least one rank ( Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle) during the calendar year (A), divided by the number of boys registered at the end of the year (B). Advancement = (A) / (B).

Conduct short-term (at least one overnight) campouts throughout the year.

Number of Boy Scouts who attend any in-council or out-of-council long-term summer camp (of at least five nights), high-adventure experience, or jamboree, or serve on camp staff within the past year, divided by the Boy Scout membership on June 30, 2016. Youth attending long-term specialty camps such as NYLT or STEM are also counted.

The troop participates in service projects during the year and enters them on the Journey to Excellence website. The projects may be completed as joint projects with other organizations. At least one project must benefit the chartered organization.

The troop is separated into patrols and each patrol has an elected patrol leader. If the troop has more than one patrol, there is an elected senior patrol leader. If the troop has more than one patrol, the PLC meets at least four times each year. The troop holds patrol leader training each year, and youth have the opportunity to participate in advanced training.

Volunteer Leadership Measures

The troop has a Scoutmaster, an assistant, and a committee of at least three members. Ideally, the chartered organization representative should not be dual registered as one of the committee members. The troop conducts courts of honor where youth are recognized and program plans are shared with parents.

All leaders have completed youth protection training. Scoutmaster and 60% of the assistants (paid or multiple registration) have completed position-specific training or, if new, will complete within three months of joining. Two-thirds of active committee members have completed Troop Committee Challenge. For Gold, one leader must have attended an advanced training course, such as Wood Badge, at some point in their Scouting tenure.

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