Dec 9th-11th Orienteering at Lions Camp, Boyce VA

The weather in general wasn’t that bad, it didn’t snow and there wasn’t any bad winds.  The boys all had fun and the meals were tasty but we couldn’t of had them without Mr. Stein's help.  Mr. Z was teaching us about orienteering and showed us a map of the area from some time in the 70’s or 80’s and we all got to orienteer with the map.  We also got to learn the different features on a map like the rivers, building and how high some of the hills were.  Then we had to do some time passers on flat ground, through trees and up and down a hill and everyone loved running through the woods.  Finally we were given a test a twelve stop orienteering course Calvin and Wyatt and Jonathan were sent out first then the other four boys came out later.  Overall The first group ended first and the four others teamed up to finish the course and we all had tons of fun in the process.  Calvin

Nov 5-6, Mafeking

On the 5th of November we went on Mafeking. Mafeking is a huge reserved area of land that boy scouts orientate to get around and there are stations you have to got to, if you go to the wrong station or aren't there in 1 hour then you lose points. We were doing great with orienteering in the beginning but it got worse as we went on. We tried two or three times to get the water jug but all were unsuccessful. When the clock hit 2:00 am we all went to bed. We got to 5 of the 6 stations before turning in. Overall we got 36 points but we didn't get in last. I think this camp out would have been better if we all were not arguing, listening to directions and having a positive spirit.  Calvin

Oct 21-23, Ropes Course at Sandy Springs

During the October campout the troop and Webelos II from 998 and 965 went on the ropes course. For some of the Webelos it was there first time. On the camp out the tents became kites very fast as some tents started flying up in the air because of the bad winds. On the course we saw people having good times, facing fears and helping others. Everyone on the campout was entertained by the playground near the campsite. Everyone had a blast on the camp out.  Calvin

Sept 9-11, Fishing at Issak Walton

At the fishing camp out we had three new scouts come to the camp out. Everyone got to meet the new boys and hang out and chat. A lot of the scout caught fish for the merit badge some didn't but we all had good spirit through out the camp out.  Calvin

Aug 7-14, BSA Sea Base USVI Sailing High Adventure

We had 4 Scouts, 1 Venturer and 3 Adults experience the sailing program in the Virgin Islands. The Crew learned a lot about teamwork, close quarters, cooking, mosquitos, sun and most especially sailing. It was an awesome trip!  The Troop Leaders are proud of the way the team pulled together to work as a team and have fun working the sails.  Mr Z


Aug 12-14, Antietam MD Hike

We had 6 Scouts attend the camp and even though it was 100+ degrees. We completed the Hike. We may have done a little more as the Burnside Bridge was closed and we  had to back track.  The boys did not complain at all which was awesome especially since there was an Adventure Group of much older boys that opted to not hike because of the heat.  The Scouts seemed to have a really good time. We did stop at about mile 7 and had ice cream and refreshed water supply.  Mr Steinkirchner

The hike was awesome for everyone that went on it though it was a lot of hard work we all got through it. The first part of the hike everyone was feeling a bit down but then we walked some more and saw so pretty amazing things like The watchtower, the sunken road, and the best part of our trip, Nutter's Ice Cream. After having the ice cream really brought up our spirits. Everyone had a good time.  Calvin

July 17-13, Heritage Scout Reservation Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom Summer Camp 2016.   We arrived in Pennsylvania on Sunday afternoon where we setup our site at Camp Freedom.  The weather was nice and cool.  We met our camp adviser named Chris who took us on a tour of the camp area.  We visited the dining hall, the trading post, area known as trail to first class, the area known as trail to eagle, and the lake where we did our BSA swim test.  Later we met Marty who visited our camp he also ran the OA events and supply store.  Marty visited our camp site twice during the week where he performed inspections.  He graded us on how we kept our campsite clean, checked to see if we had a duty roster posted, a flag raised, and that the latrine was clean.  On his first visit we received a score of 47 out of 50 and then later in the week we got a score of 50 out of 50.  During week, we worked on merit badges ranging from fishing, shotgun, space exploration, citizenship of the nation, communications, and even climbing.  Some of us were able to ride ATVs in the afternoon.  Others participated in the aqua carnival where one of our very own won the log rolling competition.  Some scouts got up early one morning and swap the 1-miler.   We even had some scouts participate in the pirate breakfast where they had to swim in the lake and retrieve their breakfast floating out in the water.  Our troop competed in a iron chef contest where we cooked a two layer cake using dutch oven.  One evening we met up at the trading post and watched star wars out on the big screen with the entire camp.  Food was okay.  One night we actually cooked steaks and veggies at our camp using tin foal over the fire.  The weather was great.  No bugs and very little rain.  We look forward to returning to camp freedom one day.  - Scott M

Everyone at going to camp in our Troop earned at least one merit badge.  Everyone thought the camp was perfect, we were near the lake, the food was good and everyone had a good time. Since everyone had such a good time the troop has reserved at spot at Freedom for next year.  Calvin

June 26- July 2, Lenhok'sin High Adventure Hiking

8 Scouts and 2 Leaders brave the wilds of Goshen back woods and return alive; yes there was a bear. The hiking crew was excited to get to the reservation and begin our journey. There was a lot of orientation and planning to prepare on the first day to insure our safety and progress throughout the week. The Scouts chose the programs they would attend and early Monday morning we headed through the mountains toward our first activity. During the week we attended the Robin Hood (Archery),Mountain Biking, Pioneering (Axe & Blackpowder), and Firefox (Blacksmith) areas in addition to hiking 3 peaks: Viewing Rock, Jump Rock and the Knob. The Scouts learned a lot about their ability to carry full packs, communicate and interact positively. By the end of the week it was nearly heaven to walk in the 'stream of ease' and sooth weary toes.  Smelly, dirty and eager to challenge themselves at Philmont next Summer we departed Lenhok'sin in good spirits.  Mr Z

June 17-19, Canoeing MB at Antietam Creek

On a Friday evening, some scouts came to the VFW, ready for what this weekend's canoeing trip had to offer.  After they thought that they had everything that they needed, the scouts set out for the campsite.  Once the scouts got there, they realized that they hadn't brought all of the cooking supplies that they needed.  And all of the scouts went to bed after chasing some fireflies.  The next morning, the scouts had an okay breakfast of sausage.  After they had had their breakfast dishes cleaned, the scouts all went to the canoe place and met the instructor.  After the scouts had gotten their canoes, they set off on their quest to get their merit badge.  After the canoe expedition was over, all of the scouts got their merit badge.  That put them in a good mood for the rest of the campout, and it ended up being a pretty nice one, too.  - Andrew

May 20-22, Climbing Merit Badge with the Wylde Guy


Apr 15-17, C & O Canal Bicycling Trip

I really enjoyed the incredible scenery of the historic C&O canal.  The bicycle ride was a great workout for all of the participants who attended the bike hike.  I thought that this camp out helped my piers gain respect for one another because of the fun socializing entertainment we did at the campfire; for example, singing classic pop songs, story telling, and playing two truths and one lie.  In conclusion, I thought this camp out went pretty smoothly. - Jack

We started on Friday by getting to the hostile and setting up. The next morning we got up and had our pancake breakfast that was provided by the hostile. Made lunch. Cleaned up and went on our bike trip. We did 20 miles on the C&O canal trail running right next to the Potomac. 10 up and 10 back. We stopped for lunch half way and made our way back. We drove back to the hostile and I ripped my pants on Mr. Z's liscence plate. Then we had a good foil meal dinner prepared by our grub master jack and went to bed. - Riley

Feb 12-14, Cabin Camping and Skiing

On a cold, Friday night, some brave scouts started to arrive at the VFW. They were all prepared and excited for this weekend’s campout, and all that it had in store for them. When they got to the campsite, they put all of their stuff next to a bunk, and got ready for bed. The next morning, each scout got up and were ready to do the fun part of this campout, the snow sports! Once all of the scout shad got their equipment, they all started to do some of the slopes that the park had to offer. They all had a great time, and then, when they got back, they all played some board and card games. That was fun, too. After having a great dinner, all of the scouts went to bed. In the morning, they were going to do a hike at Gettysburg, but then decided not to because of the weather. When they got back to the VFW, they did all of the cleaning that they had to do, and then got back to their nice, warm houses, and had a great rest of the day. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Jan 15-17, Wimp-O-Ree and 2nd Iron Scout Event

On the evening of Friday, January 15th, scouts started to arrive at the VFW, ready for the weekend’s “campout”. Shortly after the scouts arrived, the Troop had the OA election, where the scouts voted on who they thought should be in the Order of the Arrow, based on how they acted as a scout and friend. After the elections were done, they had dinner, which was pizza cooked by the scouts doing the cooking merit badge. After everyone had a satisfying dinner, everyone settled down to watch a movie, the last event of the night. After the movie ended, all of the scout went to bed. The next morning, all of the scouts got up and had breakfast, which was also prepared by the scouts who were doing the cooking merit badge. After finishing breakfast, the scouts got right to work on their merit badges with their counselors. After the first two merit badge blocks, the scouts took a break from their merit badges and then had lunch. After lunch, the scouts went on to their next block of merit badges, and got started on that. After the last two blocks of merit badges, the scouts all watched a fantastic presentation on leadership by Dr. Williams. After the presentation, the scouts all got ready for the upcoming Court of Honor, where awards were given to the scouts who had achieved a rank, finished a merit badge, or done something else. Before the awards p0art of the ceremony, the scouts, and the parents and siblings who were there, had dinner. After finishing the wonderful dinner, the scouts proceeded with the awards part of the ceremony, where almost everybody, if not everybody, got an award. Next, when the ceremony was done, the scouts all participated in the cleanup, and then went and played an exciting game of manhunt in the field near the VFW. All of the scouts were back form their game by nine to watch the final movie of the event, which was The Empire Strikes Back. After the movie finished, which was around nine, the scouts all went to bed. The next morning each scout got up “nice and early”, and the troop had breakfast, while discussing what stations that there were going to be, and who was going to run each station. After a bit of discussing the plans for the Iron Scout Challenge, Weblos started to arrive. When the Weblos arrived, they were greeted by the scouts, and were told what was going to happen, and who their group leader was. After they told the Weblos all of the information, the Iron Scout Challenge began. The six stations that were there were First Aid, Orienteering, Fire building, Shelter Building, Relay Races, and Practical skills. Everyone had a fun time participating in the stations, and the people who were running the stations had a fun time doing that, too. After the six rotations were finished, the scouts had a warm lunch outside on a cold day where it was snowing. After they finished eating lunch and cleaning up, the scouts all went back to their warm homes, after an exquisite weekend.-Troop Historian, Andrew

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