Dec 4-6 Camp High Roads Campout/Ropes Course

On the evening of Friday, December 4th, scouts started to arrive at the VFW, ready to go on the December campout to Camp High Roads. Once the scouts got to the campsite, the scouts all set up their tents and got their gear in them. After sitting outside and talking to their friends out in the cold, the scouts went to bed in their tents. The next morning, the scouts got up and started making breakfast. After having a nice breakfast. The scouts got to the ropes course, with some weblos. The scouts all had a ton of fun at the mini ropes course. After they were done with the ropes course, the scouts got back to the campsite and did leisurely activities with the weblos to take up the rest of the afternoon. Then, the scouts had dinner, and it was a good dinner. All of the scouts enjoyed it. Then, the scouts made a fire, and sat by it to keep them warm. This night was colder than the last night, and last night was pretty cold. After the scouts tired themselves out talking, they went to bed. The next morning, the scouts all had a quick breakfast, cleaned up the campsite, which took a while, and then went back to the VFW. Overall, this campout was a good experience for the scouts and the weblos. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Nov 7 & 15 Wyatt’s Eagle Project

    Over the past couple weeks, scouts have been coming to the VFW to help a scout build a roof for an entryway to the VFW, and a new walkway to the VFW.  They have made a lot of progress, and this will be a nice addition to the VFW. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Nov 7-8 Mafeking

    Around three o’clock on Saturday, scouts from the troop arrived at the VFW.  The scouts were getting ready to go to an event call Mafeking.  Once the troop had all of their gear, from the list and other stuff, the scouts set out for Middleburg, where the event was being held.  Once the troop got to the campsite, the scouts picked an area to put up their tents, and then put them up.  Once the tents were up, and the gear unpacked, the scouts went over to the flagpole for inspections.  If the scouts didn’t bring some of the gear on the list, the troop lost points.   The troops were rated in a competition of scout skills.  Once all of the troops had been inspected, the troops went to go eat.  After everyone ate, the troops hiked down to the town of Mafeking.  There, they got their instructions on which stations to go to find, and the compass directions to get there.  The scouts completed five of their six stations, and they also saw some staff members who were from their troop.  The scouts got caught by boers twice, who were trying to take off some of their points, but the scouts just bribed them with candy.  After they could do no more challenges, the scouts went out of the town of Mafeking and back to the campsite. There, they got into their tents, and went to bed.  The next morning, the scouts took down their tents, and ate breakfast with the rest of the troops.  There, the scouts saw how many points they were awarded.  They received 72!  After everyone had finished their breakfast, the scouts went back to the VFW, where they had to do no cleaning whatsoever.  At one o’clock that afternoon, one of the scouts from the troop had their Eagle Project, which was creating a new roof, and a new walkway for the VFW. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Oct 16-18 Sandy Springs Ropes Course

    On the evening of October 16th, scouts arrived at the VFW.  They packed up all of their personal and troop gear.  Once the scouts finished packing up, they set out for the campsite.  Once they got to the campsite, all of the scouts set up their tents, and unpacked the gear.  After the tents were up, the scouts all went to bed, ready for the next day.  The next morning, the scouts got up and had breakfast.  A lot of the patrols cooked food for breakfast, which the troop hadn’t done in a while.  Once everyone was fed, and the food was cleaned up, the troop headed out for the ropes course.  When they got there, the scouts had to get all geared up.  That took at least half of an hour.  Once they were all geared up, everyone went on different courses.  There were a ton of different courses at the ropes course.  A lot of scouts did more than one of them.  After their time was up, the scouts were all talking about how much fun they had.  When they got back to the campsite, it was pretty much a rest time.  It wasn’t very long, because it wasn’t that long until the patrols started making dinner.  Again, there was a lot of cooking.  After everybody ate, they all had to clean up the mess.  It took a long time to clean it up, but they eventually got it cleaned up.  After that, everyone went to bed.  The next morning, it was a very quick cleanup, eat, and go.  When the scouts got back to the VFW, it wasn’t a very long cleanup there, either.  There was a lot of cleanup involved, but it was a very good campout. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Sept 18-20 Fossil Hunting

   On the evening of Friday, the 18th, scouts headed out to Calvert Cliffs in Maryland.  The next day they were going to go fossil hunting!  When the scouts woke up the next morning, the scouts could see that the day would bring pleasant weather.  After a quick breakfast, scouts changed into their bathing suits, and hiked down to the beach.  A lot of scouts were looking for shark teeth, and other kinds of fossils.  After the scouts had looked for fossils, they hiked back to their campsite, and played in the trees.  That night, they had a great campfire.  After staying up at the fire for a little bit, the scouts all went to bed.  The nest morning, the scouts got up, cleaned up, and had a quick breakfast before leaving.  When they got back to the VFW, the scouts cleaned up the gear.  All of the scouts had a wonderful time out hunting for fossils. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Aug 21-23 Manassas Battlefield Hike

On the night of the twenty-third, scouts gathered at the VFW to get ready for the weekend’s campout. After the gear was packed, the troop headed out. It took them around 40 minutes to get to the campsite where they were camping. The scouts set up their tents, and then started a small fire. They stayed up for a little bit, and then went to bed. Early the next morning, the Weblos arrived. Everybody ate breakfast with the Weblos, and then set out for the battlefield. Once they got there, the scouts got a paper to do on the hike. On the trail, the scouts started and finished filling out the part of the paper that they could. The hike was informational, with information plaques along the way. After the hike, the scouts went into the information center, and filled out the part of the paper that they could. After all of the scouts had finished the paper and got the badge that they had worked towards, they went to their tour. Everybody enjoyed the tour, and then the troop went back to the cars. After the short car ride back to the campsite, the scouts did their own things. Some of them got requirements signed off, some cut wood, and others got ready for dinner. After a little bit, the troop had dinner. The scouts all had hamburger foil dinners. Everybody enjoyed them. After dinner, the scouts made a big fire. All of the scouts were at the fire at some point that night. After the fire sputtered to a halt, everybody went to bed. The next morning, everybody had breakfast, cleaned up, and set out. Once the troop got back to the VFW, they finished up cleaning the rest of the stuff. After they finished up, they left with the satisfaction of having a good hike.-Troop Historian, Andrew

July 19-25 - Camp Rodney

At ten a.m. on July nineteenth, scouts were showing up at the VFW to get their gear loaded up so that they could go to Camp Rodney for a week. It took a while for the troop to get to the camp, but then they finally arrived. Once they got there, they all unpacked, but then they had to go take their swim tests. After that, they went to the dining hall to get told where they would eat for the week. After that, everyone went back to camp, got changed, and got ready for dinner. After dinner, everyone got lined up for a campfire. The campfire was fun, and everybody liked it. Then, they all went back and went to bed. During Monday-Friday, scouts were going to their merit badge classes, meals, the trading post, the shooting ranges, the climbing wall, and where their nightly activities were. All of the scouts had a fun time going to all of the different places around camp. The brownseas had a campfire on Wednesday night, and this time, it didn’t storm afterwards. Then on Friday, there was a family dinner, and several scouts’ parents came and had dinner with the scouts. Some of the adults even stayed the night. Then, before everyone went to bed, they went to the outdoor auditorium again for the closing campfire. Everybody liked it, and when they got back to the campsite, everybody sat at the fire, and then they all went to bed. In the morning, everyone was able to get their gear packed and loaded quickly in the morning. After everybody had breakfast, they all went to the parade field for the closing retreat. After that, the scouts left. When the scouts got back to the VFW, all the scouts had to do was unload their gear and get the tomahawk targets back in the trailer. After that, everybody left, after having a great week. -Troop Historian, Andrew

Sunday/Monday July 19-20, 2015     All is well here.  Heath is doing a knock out job leading the scouts.

The food here is no different than last year, BBQ chicken in your Field uniform yesterday and a hot dog for lunch today.  The opening fire ceremony seemed light this year compared with the memory of last year's attendance.  Some of the Phoenix are working separately with the instructors in swimming merit badge, but everyone seems to be doing OK.  It's hot here, Hot like Las Vegas, like high noon in the desert.  Tim Casey is mentoring/shadowing the Brownsea scouts. No issues this morning getting up and going, all scouts left for 7am breakfast on time.

Did I mention it is hot here? I don't think we stopped sweating last night after turning in. Wyatt is off on to his High Adventure Sailing Program at roughly at 1pm today.
We talked with the leaders next door, same group as last year.  We march on!

Opening Night Campfire

Rodney Staff at the Opening Campfire, Sunday night 7/19/15

Three of the Scouts participating in the Brownsea program chose to participate in the optional clothing inflation activity held tonight at the pool - Damon, Calvin, Zachary. Tyler joined us at the pool to complete 7E of his lifesaving merit badge - remove heavy clothing in 20-secs prior to performing a swim rescue.

We had a little rain this afternoon but nothing to register on the books. The Scouts from another Troop (there to take lifesaving MB) started to cheer on our Phoenix Patrol members who were working on completing their swim test, It was pretty cool.

Day-3 Tuesday  Dan Grossman led the flag ceremony this morning.  Everyone got up on time and we marched on to breakfast - (hash browns and bacon).  After breakfast the scouts gathered at the tent/shelter that they set up yesterday with Mr Casey.  Several scouts registered for the boat activities tomorrow night - tubing.  In addition to the life saving skills offered last night, several scouts participated in shotgun shooting / skeet shooting.

Scouts participating in the Brownsea program are heading out on a nature hike along the bay this afternoon.  Tonight also offers free climb via climbing wall.
All in all, things seem to be working out well. Temps last night were not as bad as the night before as far as humidity goes with rain to report.  Today seems slightly cooler with the help of overcast skys.

Scouts are demonstrating Scout spirit plus Values of the scout law - helpful, friendly, courteous, kind.  They are assisting others, laughing, teaming up, and most importantly learning from their mistakes and showing improvement the next day.

It's official.  All scouts working on their swimming merit badge have successfully passed their BSA swimming test as if 1130am today.  While a few scouts have experienced homesickness other scouts are stepping in to comfort them.  No opportunities for the scouts to build a camp fire yet.  Busy schedules and intense heat have redirected the scouts to either games under the evening skies or spending a few hours up at the nature center.  Mr Casey did bring his telescope with him. Stars seem to be getting brighter and brighter as the days progress.  Scouts participating in the Brownsea program will be getting there feet wet down by the bay and then heading over to the pool where they will practice CPR.

If I had to guess, the majority are walking/hiking 3.5 miles a day.  Merit badges and other scout activities have the troop busy from 6:45 am to 7:30 pm.

Day-4 Wednesday 

Temps have cooled down tremendously.  It was even cool enough for a campfire last night.  And I'm pretty sure there were some campfire songs.

This morning, we started our day with a flag ceremony.  Scouts then headed off to breakfast - pancakes! Same as last summer, Scouts continue to rotate roles e.g. waiter for breakfast, or latrine duty.  Everyone seems to be pulling their weight.

Scouts in Brownsea worked on first aid and knots.  In addition they worked on their swimming skills.  Brownsea scouts are averaging 2-miles a day.  Those in water rescue or lifesaving are swimming an average of a .75 miles a day.

The biggest highlight of the day was seeing an eagle fly over our camp and Heath leading the troop into a volleyball match against Troop 70.  It was a close one 15-25 / 12-25.

Tonight we head to dinner and then to the chapel for evening service.  Some scouts elected to do water tubing this evening and others are doing tye-dying.


Day-5 Thursday 

Our Brown Sea Scouts studies the fundamentals of knife safety this morning.  Some are returning to the pool after lunch to fulfill their swimming merit badge requirements.   Temps are comfortable here at camp.  Scouts sighted another eagle this a.m.

Scouts participating in movie making, astronomy, personal fitness continue to work on on their essays for tomorrow's presentations. Those scouts participating in the Brownsea program will be heading out on an evening bay hike.

Temp--- Highs 82 Lows 62 with Less air blowing in camp.  On the shore there is a very nice steady breeze.  I bet Wyatt is enjoying the temps and probably snoozing on the top deck.

Heath is doing a knock-out job of leading the Troop and advising our young Leaders!

June 6  Iron Scout

     On the morning of June 6th, scouts started to arrive at the VFW to build a tower and get ready for the event. The time was 11:00a.m. As more scouts arrived, the hustle and bustle intensified. They were scheduled to start at 12:00, but they were running a bit behind schedule, and they ended up starting around 12:30. When the Cub Scouts started arriving, each one of them received a warm greeting by our SM and our ASMs. Once we started, everyone got into patrol lines, and the cub scouts split up into them. All of the groups split up and did the different activities, and see how fast they could do them. There were different activities that each group went to. One of them was an orienteering course, and another was first aid. The Phoenix patrol won the orienteering course with a time of 21 minutes. There was also a shelter building, and fire building. After each group had every activity, all of them got together to throw water balloons at the tomahawk targets. After everything was cleaned up from that, everyone got back in their groups and competed against the other groups in a three legged race. The Spartans won, and they also got to eat first by being the quietest, which happened right after the race ended. We all had hot dogs, chips and ribs for the main course, and then we had peach cobbler for desert. After eating, all of the scouts cleaned up, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts alike. After a quick but thorough cleanup, the scouts dispersed and went to where they had to be.-Troop Historian, Andrew

May 15-17   C&O Canal Bike Hike

     After getting all of the bikes set up on the cars, the scouts set out to their campsite on the night of April 15th, and got some sleep when they got there, because they knew what was coming up tomorrow. Early in the morning, the scouts got up early and started eating breakfast. They all got on the trail at a bit after 8, but they didn’t get back until later in the afternoon. And when they did get back, they were all exhausted because of the distance that they had gone. The scouts had gone ten miles up and ten miles back to the campsite, but they had even more distance to bike! They had to go to the Paw Paw tunnel. As some people prepared to come back from the tunnel, it started to storm and they had to ride back in the rain which was fun. After going through the tunnel, everybody ate, and then later that night, everybody got to bed, and all was quiet. After some commotion, the scouts got out of the campsite pretty quickly, and got all of their gear cleaned up quickly. And that was the bike hike. – Troop Historian, Andrew Stine

Apr 17-19 - D.C. H.O.S.T. Hike

     On the evening of April 17, scouts met up at the VFW and set out to Camp Bennett. A couple of scouts didn’t meet up at the VFW because they had other activities, and they came later in the night. Mostly everyone had a peaceful night at the camp. Early in the morning, scouts started waking up and getting their breakfast, so that they could get on the road to go to D.C. for the hike that they had come for. After all of them had eaten, they climbed into the cars and set out. It was just before 9:00a.m. Once the scouts got to the parking garage, they started down the trail, following clues. This hike wasn’t any normal hike, it was a hike mixed with something like the movie National Treasure, and scouts from around the nation were going to be there. The scouts were following clues to get questions right, and if they got a certain number of questions right, they would get a medal for completing the hike. So, as the scouts set out, looking for clues, they came to the FDR memorial, where several clues were waiting for them. Once they got the clues, they hiked on to the next destination. Over the entire hike, the scouts had been to the FDR memorial, the Martin Luther King memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the WW II memorial, and many more objects and memorials. After the scouts had gotten all twenty-one answers, they went and got them checked. Once their papers were checked, they headed back to the cars. They had gotten enough questions right to get the medal! Once everyone was in the cars, they set off. The scouts had hiked over twelve miles for over seven hours. At one point during the hike, Mr. Z took two scouts and an adult to get a clue that they had missed, and they ended up walking over more than a mile. After they had done that, Mr. Z bought everybody popsicles. (Thank you Mr. Z!) On the way back to the campsite, some of the cars got stuck in the evening traffic rush, and got back later. During the night, some scouts were playing games like tag, hide and seek tag, manhunt, etc., and stayed up pretty late. Some people ha d a good night sleep, but the others were all tired. Once they left, the campsite was completely clean. Once the scouts got back to the VFW, the scouts got out the troop gear and the cooking gear, and cleaned it. Once the gear was clean, the scouts went back home to get their stuff cleaned out, after a successful weekend hike. –New Troop Historian, Andrew S

Mar 20-22 Camp Highroad Camp Out / Service Project

     Friday evening, Scouts met at the VFW and began to load the Troop trailer. Once everyone arrived and the trailer was packed, we left for Camp Highroad. The weather was cold and dry. We arrived at the campsite right around dark. Tents were set up and a camp fire was made. This camp out was special because several Scouts of the new Phoenix patrol were there. The next morning, everyone woke up at about 7am and made breakfast. Each Patrol had their own menu and cooked for themselves. After breakfast and clean-up, the Scouts gathered at the Nature Center and participated in a service project by restacking lumber. Once this was completed, we then returned to the campsite where we cleaned up several fire rings. This took 2-hours total to complete. Then we had lunch. After lunch, the Scouts played a game in the woods. In addition to the games, Scouts whittled and chopped wood for the fire that night. After an afternoon of fun, Scouts prepared for dinner. Some Patrols cooked over the fire and others used their light weight stove. That evening, Scouts hiked to a location to observe the stars and planets. One of the Scout parents brought their telescopes and he talked about astronomy. We saw the moon, Jupiter, Venus, the star cluster - the seven sisters, Orion’s Belt and Polaris. After some sightseeing, we returned to camp where we sat around the camp fire. We eventually retired to our tents and woke to another dry but cold day. –Troop Historian, Scott

Feb 21 – Troop Ski Trip

     We woke up at about 6. My friends came over to my house to meet up before we go to Whitetail. While I got dressed, everyone else got thier passes, and rentals. Sean and Brendan went out to take a lesson while Wyatt and I went on the ski lift and got a few runs in. We met up with Sean and Brendan when we took a break. we went on small little jumps one the bunny slope after we realized we couldn't go on anything else. We all had a lot of fun and you can ask anyone who went and they will all say it was fun. - Troop QM, Tyler

Jan 23-25 – Wimp-O-Ree

     The event began on Friday evening. We all met up at the VFW where we had an Order of the Arrow election and following that we had dinner indoors. Those who were signed up for the cooking merit badge actually cooked dinner for the group attending the wimp-o-ree. Dinner was a success. We had pizza, caesar salad, and brownies. Later we placed our sleeping bags out and watched a movie. The next morning kicked off our merit badge marathon. Scouts were signed up to meet with the counselors for many types of badges. Merit badges such as cooking, american heritage, plumbing, communications, railroading, citizen in the nation, first aid and more. Later that afternoon, we held our Court of Honor. There were a number of Scouts who advanced including J.D. who was recognized for his Eagle Scout rank. Dinner was also planned by the Scouts and parents joined us to celebrate. We had tacos. That night, we gathered and watched another movie indoors and then went to sleep. Sunday was here before you know it. We cleaned the VFW and immediately went outside to participate in the first annual scout challenge hosted by our Scoutmaster and his assistants. Each patrol competed against each other. The activities for the challenge were orienteering, lumberjacking, tomahawks, fire-building, and wilderness survival. This was easy and very hard at the same time. We were tired and we were challenged to think fast, make quick decisions, use our skills, and work as a team.

Looking back this was cool. Everyone pulled together and made this event, this weekend a hit. –Troop Historian, Scott

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