Dec 5-6 – Winter Camp/Hike

     It was a cold and blustery camping trip from the very start and then the fog rolled in.  Saturday morning began with a short drive to the trailhead where everyone put on their rain gear and started the 10-mile hike.  A lot of the hike seemed to be up hill but everyone reminded each other that it goes both ways (what goes up must come down).  There was a time where we encountered some confusion on coordinating readouts and we actually went back half a mile to find our bearings.  Later, the troop located the hidden cache of lunch which consisted of MREs.  Once lunch was done, the troop hiked 7.5 miles which placed them near Bears Den.  At this point, Scouts had to make a choice.  Continue on the 4 mile loop or head to camp.  It was getting dark so everyone opted for camp.  The Scouts went for warm dry clothes and Mr. Casey brought out the box of dinner.  Only a few people stayed out for a short while and the rest avoided the rain by turning in early.  The next morning, there was frost on the ground.  Everyone gathered to pack up and return to the VFW.  This trip was a test of endurance.  As one Scout reported, “even though the rain was awful, our spirits were very high and with each bad situation, we kept a smile on our faces and got through it as a patrol.  We were thrown every curve ball.” –Campers, Hikers

Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day Ceremony

     The day began at 6am when we left for Ball’s Bluff Battlefield and Cemetery. It was still dark when we left for the event. About seven scouts including leaders met in the parking lot at the battlefield where we walked up to the cemetery and met up with members of the VFW including the Mayor of Leesburg. The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance and veterans then grouped together by the branch of military they represented. A wreath was laid in honor of those that have served and continue to serve our country. The ceremony ended and we made our way back home just in time to catch the bus for school. –Troop Historian, Scott

Nov 8-9 – Mafeking (TroopTrack > Share > Photos)

     This was a special mission that the members of the Spartan and Wolverine patrol were happy to accept. A total of six scouts signed up to take on this special operation. It all started on Saturday afternoon, where we left the VFW with Riley sending us off with a scout prayer that headed to our campsite near Middleburg, Virginia. We located our camping area, put up our tents and prepared for the adventure that night. Shortly after our beef stew dinner, our patrol went through inspection. This was to make sure we had the ten essentials that Mr. Zabela always talks about. While we waited, we met Colonel Baden-Powell. Well sorta. Then every troop marched down to the base camp called “the tower” where we reviewed the rules and received our orders – 7pm.

When everyone was ready we got our map and headed on our first mission. It was dark and not really cold. Like 35 degrees after midnight. It took us 30 minutes to get to our first station which was first aid. There were two victims with one guy with a really bad broken leg. I think we there at 8:12pm. We didn’t need our flash lights much since the moon was pretty bright. We also avoided a lot of boers (the enemy) in the woods. We made it to our next assignment (station 2) at 9:21pm and we got to shoot crossbows at targets for points. We reached our third station at 10:18pm which was lashings. We had to build a gate with five staves and rope. Then we had to trap the enemy with using the gate we built. Our fourth station involved walking through a field blind folded (11:15 pm) where land mines (mouse traps) were and we had to make it to the other side to get the key. We made it to our fifth station at 12:34am and you had to search for some boxes filled with money. It involved orienteering. We got lost the first time trying to find this station and we had to go back to the tower and start over but we finalyy got there. We then made it to our last station at 1:15am which was fire building. We built our fire in less than 10 minutes and only used one match. We had to get the first high enough to burn a rope and then we had to carry a cannon back to base camp. We got back to our tents at 2am and woke up the next day at 7am. We had a scout prayer with our chaplain aide and returned to the VFW. –Troop Historian, Scott

Oct 25 – Webelos-O-Ree

     On Saturday, the troop met at the VFW and then drove to Camp Snyder. We setup a orienteering course there in the field and taught cub scouts how to use a map and compass. It took tons of minutes and everyone was busy working with the visiting packs from all over the place. We talked with the cub scouts about joining boy scouts and talked about the fun things we do. At 130pm we ate lunch. Mr. Z bought us pizza for lunch. The weather was very nice. The temperature was very comfortable. Right around 4pm, we packed up our gear and headed back to Leesburg. –Troop Historian, Scott

Oct 17-19 – Ropes Course Camp Out

     Day-1. We arrived at the camp right after dark. It wasn’t too late. Everyone set up their tents and went to bed early. No camp fire that night.

Day-2. Some of us woke up at 630 a.m. Each patrol cooked their own breakfast. Later, we practiced our map and compass skills and participated in an orienteering activity put together by the older scouts. The wolverines went off course and got lost but quickly recovered with the help of our Scoutmaster Mr. Zabela. Everyone had a early dinner and shared food before heading to the ropes course where we climbed and went tree to tree using zip lines at night. We got back to camp late. Everyone was tired. No camp fire that night because we went to bed early. The next day, we made breakfast and drove back to the VFW. –Troop Historian, Scott

Sept 2014 - White Water Rafting Youghiogheny River

     On Friday those attending the weekend trip met at the VFW. We packed up our gear and left a bit later than normal. When we got to the campsite, we pitched our tents in the dark and went to bed at 11:00 pm. On Saturday everyone got ready for the most fun and exciting trip ever. While on the river, the troop came across 20 or more sections making up some tough rapids. There was one section that had nicknames like pinball and dimple. At one point, each boat took turns to try going down the rapids backwards. We even stopped along the way to jump out of the boats and relax in the water. It was freezing. Later we stopped and had a lunch break and made sandwiches. The river trip was 7.5 miles from start to finish. Once we got back to the campsite, everyone changed clothes. At 7:00 pm, we built a fire and had dessert which was smores . After that we went to bed, On Sunday, everyone got up early, took down there tents and had breakfast. After that we cleaned up the campsite and went home. The weather was great. No rain.

Troop Historian, Scott

Sept 27, Oct 4 – Robbie’s Eagle Scout Project

     Day-1. Today the Troop attended Robbie Jackson’s Eagle Scout project. His project was to take down the old fire pit and put a new one in. This included a fire ring made from rocks. The weather was very nice and sunny. The troop worked so hard. First we had to take a big pile of dirt and toss it into the wheel barrel. Second, we split into two teams. The first team had to collect huge rocks. The second team had to continue to work on the fire pit area. We used tools such as shovels, and a pickaxe. The camp area was located in Camp Highroad down Rt 15 and Lime Kiln road. Later lunch was provided by the Jackson family where Dr. Williams said a prayer before lunch was served.

Day-2. Today we completed Robbie’s Eagle Scout project. We had to lay down a lot of gravel. We raked and used a tool for tamping the ground. Once the gravel had been distributed, Robbie placed a sign at the project area. We later went on a hike with Dr. Williams and identified several types of trees such as white oak, black oak, hickory, dogwood, chestnut, Virginia creeper, poison ivy, poplar, birch, and beech. Right after lunch, we gathered at the fire ring and took a group photo. –Troop Historian, Scott

Sept 23 – Court of Honor

     On Tuesday evening, we held our Court of Honor. Our new Chaplain Aide, Riley Steinkirchner opened the ceremony with a Scout prayer. Then we had a big buffet of food. There were all sorts of food such as hot dogs, chips, mac and cheese and more. It was an exciting time for all because Scouts were getting all sorts of merit badges and other awards such as the badge for hiking Gettingsburg and a badge for the polar bear swim. Our Master of Ceremonies

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