2013 Year in Review

July 2013 - Sea Base SCUBA Adventure

A group of scouts and I got to spend a week at Sea base high adventure camp in the sunny Florida Keys.  The main point of the trip was to go scuba diving at Seabase, but that's not all we did. We got to do many other activities before we went to Sea base such as an airboat ride through the Everglades and even a whole day exploring Key West.  All this was thanks to a spectacular job planning and organizing this trip by Mrs. Rickard.  Sea base itself was a blast. We had over ten dives total and 2 night dives.  There was always plenty of wildlife whenever we dived, especially the night dives.  When we weren't diving, there was still plenty to do. At night time there was always a movie playing and there was a snack bar where you can hang out, eat, and play games like chess during your down time. 

Two things really stuck out to me at Sea base, the staff, and the food.  All of the staff at Sea base were kind and likable, but most importantly they were all capable, knew what they were doing, and thankfully, were very good at fetching  weight belts.  The food at Sea base was without a doubt the best camp food I've ever had and had a lot of variety.  My time at Sea base wasn't exactly ideal, as I had congestion problems about halfway through the week and missed almost half the dives due to the complications with managing water pressure when congested. However, I never really felt like the trip wasn't fun anymore and still had a fantastic time that I'll remember for the rest of my life.  I feel like this is a testament to the quality of the program that is run at Florida Sea base and that's why I think it's one of the best Scouting camps out there. - Brendan C.