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Upcoming Events at Camp Snyder
The General Dynamics STEM Lab at Camp William B. Snyder will be hosting several engineering and science activities this year. Visit for up-to-date information on these events. Past events include designing color changing circuits and programming Lego robots.

July 12th – Animals
September 13th – Rockets
December 6th – TBD

MITRE Scout Engineering Day — April 15 The MITRE Corporation is hosting its annual Scout Engineering Day on April 5. Scouts will be able to explore a variety of engineering and science topics including robotics, oceanography, aviation, and chemistry. Please visit for more information.

USA Science and Engineering Festival—April 25-27
Adult and youth volunteers are needed to staff the Council’s booth at the nation’s largest STEM Expo in Washington D.C. on April 25-27. The USA Science and Engineering attracts over 750 exhibitors and NCAC will be there to showcase and promote the importance of hands-on STEM education. If you are an inventor, entrepreneur, or just have an interest in science and engineering, this is the place to explore what is out there. To register, click here or e-mail with any questions.

Sporting Clays Tournament 13-14 May at Camp Snyder

This Inaugral event promises to be fun and interesting for participants and spectators. Please wear eye and ear protection if you attend. More info in the Shared Documents section of Troop Track under Events.

2014 Eagle Career Day

The second memo with 3 forms pertains to 2014 Eagle Career Day. Looking for Youth participation to include your Eagles who are now at college/university and are perhaps starting the dreaded job search as well as your current crop of Eagles who are wondering what they want to do and study when they go off to school.  Additionally, they are looking for mentors in various careers to discuss these with the Eagles. The last form is for the Sponsorship. . More info in the Shared Documents section of Troop Track under Miscellaneous.

What is ScubaJam?  

ScubaJam Virginia is designed to provide a great scuba diving experience for boys and girls, ages 11-20 in a weekend long event based around fun diving activities, land based demonstrations, camping and other social activities for certified young divers to share with friends.

ScubaJam Virginia is an event for any organized youth groups including BSA Troops and Crews as well as GSUSA, Boys & Girls Clubs and any other organized group. ScubaJam is not specifically sanctioned by BSA or other youth organization.

All participants must be registered with a participating groups and the group must (1) register themselves and their members with the event, (2) take responsibility for meeting youth protection and control requirements of their respective organizations and (3) must have a dive professional attached to the group to take responsibility for their members diving activities. For more information checkout the web site

All youth participants walk away from the three day experience with something of value either merchandize and/or scholarships.

The ScubaJam event takes place on Labor Day weekend every year with participants arriving on Friday, formal program and activities on Saturday and Sunday. These activities include opportunity to earn scuba merit badge and possibly other merit badges.

The purpose of this message is to ask for your support and invitation to participate in your Program Kick-off night during your Round table session and have information and answer questions Leaders'  in your Districts may have as they develop their program plans or add to their programs.  This is something that does not compete with any of our National High Adventure Camps or any other Scout Camp it simply provides additional opportunities for our youth to participate in healthy meaningful activities.

If you are interested please send me your dates, times and locations when you would like a representative from the Scuba Jam planning Staff to attend and I will pass the information to our Board.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Respectfully Yours in Commissioner Service,  Jorge F. Roca  District Commissioner, Aquia District  Cell (540) 270-3027


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2013 Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA – Pub No. 512-728)

You may notice that the new 2013 Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA),, contains a third page. This update did not change the content of the first two pages of the 2013 version of the ESRA (except for the NESA note at the bottom of page 2). The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) wanted a way to maintain contact with new Eagle Scouts and this appeared to be the best way to start the process.

? Don’t worry, the third page does not affect the processing of the ESRA and applications currently in processing do *NOT* need to be updated from the original 2013 version to this one!

? In fact, this third page is OPTIONAL – completed at the discretion of the Eagle Scout Candidates (and/or his parents). As such, the third page must not be sent with the ESRA for certification.

It must also not be included in the Eagle Scout Package. It is a voluntary form provided by NESA and should be sent directly to NESA, by the Scout’s family.

NESA Scholarships

Being an Eagle Scout pays off, in some cases literally. The National Eagle Scout Association offers scholarships for Eagles entering college, a big help for families as tuitions continue to rise at universities nationwide.

Graduating high schoolers can apply for 2014 NESA scholarships beginning Oct. 1, 2013, with a submission deadline of Dec. 31, 2013 ( The National Eagle Scout Association offers two types of Eagle Scout scholarships:

Academic Scholarships

The first type of scholarship offered by NESA is the academic scholarship, which includes a varying number of $3,000 NESA scholarships, and a varying number of $2,500 Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke scholarships. The Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke scholarships are awarded annually and include four $20,000 scholarships (payable at $5,000 per year) and one $48,000 scholarship (up to $12,000 payable for four years), plus a varying number of others.

NESA offers two additional academic scholarships including one $50,000 STEM scholarship (up to $12,500 payable for four years) to an applicant who plans to major in a science, technology, engineering, or math field, and one $25,000 United Health Foundation scholarship offered to an applicant who plans to pursue a career in the healthcare arena and is willing to reinvest his knowledge and skills in an underserved community.

NESA academic scholarship applicants must be Eagle Scouts graduating high school and entering college in the year for which they apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded only to those who graduate from high school in the calendar year in which scholarships are presented. Exception: Scouts whose Eagle Scout boards of review are held the same year of their high school graduation may apply in that calendar year. They may receive a scholarship one time only.

Scholarship committees are formed each year in each of the four BSA regions (Northeast, Southern, Central, and Western) to recommend recipients of these scholarships, with the final determination made by the national NESA Scholarship Committee.

Merit Scholarships

The second type of national Eagle Scout scholarship is the Hall/McElwain Merit Scholarship. Each BSA region reviews applications and awards a varying number of these $1,000 scholarships.

NESA merit scholarship applicants must be Eagle Scouts graduating high school or undergraduate college students no farther than completion of the junior year. Recipients may receive the scholarship one time only.

More than 5,000 NESA scholarship applications are received each year, and fewer than 150 are awarded, so the competition is stiff. Plans are being formulated to greatly increase the amount of funds available to award NESA Eagle Scout scholarships through future years.

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