We've heard that Troop Track might be confusing to some so we're providing a Primer to help you figure out the things you need to do. It is a work in progress so if you have suggestions or if something doesn't work (privleges vary by user) please let Mr Z know.

Welcome to the Troop

How does the Troop work?

New Scout Guide (Direct Link)          Share > New Scout Guide (Menu Location)

What are the responsibilities of my Troop leadership position?

Troop Leadership Roles                     Share > Leadership Positions

I need to get ready for Scouting what equipment should I have?

Equipment Guide                                Share > Scout Equipment

Your Profile  < Link to Additional Information>

Your 'Profile' is the place to add or update your personal and family information.

This is also the place to keep track of your Rank, Merit Badges, Participation, Leadership and more.

Where Can I find an Address?

Quick Nav (Black Banner at Top) >Members > Select their name

NOTE: Not all users have access to see all information

PLAN your Activities

How do I find and sign up for Events?

Plan > Calendar

What are we doing during the whole year?

Plan > Full Year View (Calendar)

Can I have just the Calendar highlights please?

Plan > Year at a Glance

What documents do I need to Camp?

Plan > Print  Permission Slip

MANAGE Troop Information


Who is in my Patrol or in another?

     Manage > Patrols

Leaderhip Role determines access

Where Can I find a Merit Badge Counselor?

MB Councelor Web Page

     Manage > Members > Merit Badge Counselors

     ALT: Share > Troop Documents > Admin > Merit Badge Counselors PDF

          Each Name has a link to that User

How do I add a new User (Scout / Adult / Leader)

     Manage > Members > (Sub Menu)  Administrator and Key 3 Access Only

Can I add money to a Scout account?

     Manage > Money >  (Sub Menu)  Administrator and Treasurer Only

How do I find out Scout Progress, Participation or Additional Information?

     Manage > Reports  Scoutmaster / ASM and Key 3 Only

COMMUNICATE with Scouts / Leaders / Charter / Parents

Where Can I find a Phone Number or Email Address?

Manage > Communicate > Print Roster

Creates a custom PDF

Manage > Communicate > Contact List 

Displays All Troop Members

Manage > Communicate > Member Spreadsheet      

Creates a Member Text (csv) File

How do I Email or Text someone?

Manage > Communicate > Send an Email 

Email Dialog

Click Member Name Box or Select a mail list (group)

Add a Subject

Address your receipient(s) so they know who you are talking to

"Fred, " "Mr E", or "Buffalo Patrol, "

Manage > Communicate > Send a Text Message

Only Valid if Users have added their Provider

ACHIEVE and be recognized

How many nights of Camping, Miles Hiked, Hours of Service do I have?

Achieve > Hours, Nights and Miles

You can sort by clicking the Header

SM-ASM How are the Scouts Progressing?

Achieve > Rank Book or Merit Badge Book

Advancement Coordination for Rank and Awards?

Achieve > Print Agenda by Scout or Patrol

Advancement Coordinator / Key 3

SHARE Information, Photos, Links and Documents

What has been added to the Troop Track site lately?

Share > Latest Content

 Where are the Photos of the Troop?

Share > Photo Albums

 Where are the Documents about (requirements, achievement, camping, info, notes,...)?

Share > Troop Documents

You can sort by clicking the Header

 Where are the links to more information about...?  (beads, activity, games, resources...)

Share > Recommended Links

 My Patrol has a web page!

Share > Patrol Information

 Can I find out more about the History of the Troop and its Leaders?

Share > History and Biographic

Where has the Troop camped?

Share > Locations

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