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Your Name (Black Banner at Top) > Profile

How do I change my User Name or Password?  

Profile > User Name & Password

Is there a Summary of our upcoming Events, Rank Progress, Fees, Leadership and Training?  

Profile   > Your Dashboard

Record Progress 

Your Name (Black Banner at Top) > Profile

I need to update my Address, Phone, Email, where do I do that?

Profile > Basic Info or Contact Info

I completed a requirement, where do I log that?

Profile >Achievements > Ranks

At the end of each Rank are Icons: View, Edit, Print or Board of Review

Edit > Requirement >

  1. Enter "Completed On" Date
  2. Put the Initials of the Approver in the memo field
  3. "Demonstrate Scout Spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law" Only signed by the SM
  4. Wait to enter the SM Conference and Board of Review date until after they haveve occured

I want to start a Merit Badge, where do I enter that?

Profile > Achievements > Merit Badges > Start Merit Badge > 

Select the MB from the List > Save

Your Merit Badge (MB) is now listed and has icons for > View, Edit, Print

Edit >

  1. Enter the Requirement "Completed On" Date
  2. Enter the Initials of the MB Counselor in the Notes field

Where Can I find a record of everything I have done?

Profile > Participation

Select the column header to sort, reselect to invert the sort

I have a Leadership Position, Where Can I record my service to the Troop?

Profile > Leadership

ADD Leadership > Select the Position >

Enter the Court of Honor or Later Date you began the position

At the end of your term of Leadership

EDIT Leadership > Select the Position >

Enter the End Date

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