Dec Movie Making MB - Lovettsville,VA

Fun, exciting and a MB too, Cold and Snow. BZ

Nov Mafeking Scout Challenge - Middleburg, VA

Fun, exciting and a bit of Rain which added charm to the ankle deep mud.  One Patrol of 6 Scouts & 2 ASMs; 5 Scouts & 2 Adults Staffing. It was a little cold and we had some trouble with navigation, but we still had a lot of fun. We went to each of the stations which presented a challenge in a different area of scouts. Fire Building being the hardest as it was raining. For the rest we did quite well. Overall we had a good time even if we may have wanted to turn back we finished all of the challenges afterwards. BZ

Oct Ropes Course - Clarksburg, MD & Sandy Springs, MD

Fun, exciting and other stuff. BZ

Sept Kayaking MB - Antietam, MD

A relatively cool day on the water near the battlefield earning a MB and learning about paw-paws. The weather was actually very good during the camp out and we had a lot if fun kayaking on rapids. We had learned quite a bit about the battle itself while we were there. Antietam was the bloodiest battle that lasted for only one day in american history. It had 23,000 people killed, injured, or missing  BZ

Aug HOST Hike, Washington DC

It would have been a great hike if more people were interested, and we hope that we will get to go on this hike again when there is more interest. August is a tough month with families travelling and many of the older Scouts hiking at Philmont.  BZ

Aug Philmont SR, Cimmarron NM High Adventure

Hiking the beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico in Cimmarron country. We covered 46 miles in 6 days and had a grand time. 

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July Heritage Scout Reservation Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom Summer Camp 2017. First day we came they gave us a tour of camp and gave us the swim test. We had also learned during that experience that they had a cannon that they fired every once in a while during flags. Monday we all went through classes as usual and dealt with some rain for a bit of the trip. As we went through all of our classes we would sometimes see the trading post and get ready for whatever was happening in the open program after the classes. During the outing some people taking the merit badges took a field trip to get some requirements done. Some people also built their own survival shelters and slept in them overnight. It was a very successful camp out because we got all of our merit badges we worked on and all the while we still had fun. One of the interesting achievements we made was winning the anything that floats challenge by quite a bit. We had realized that it was called specifically anything that floats which meant anything, so we built a nice float by using two pool floats and a trash bag. We had also won the dutch oven competition with our desert. We were mostly prepared other than we forgot to bring the troop flag. In the end we had a really good time overall there while getting some progress on some ranks. It was a really fun camp out for us and we would probably do it again net year. Drew

July BSA National Jamboree, Summit SR, WV

"We started bright and early at Camp Snyder at 5:30 a.m. To gather our troop and depart for the Summit. Along the way, many Scouts slept and have lunch or some sort of snack. We arrived at the summit at around 2 PM. Despite the powerful heat waves, the scouts work non-stop to set up the new tents, tables, dining flies, and the looking area.

The Square Patrol cooked it delicious taco dinner. Prior to the cooking, they set up the stoves, tables, and filled water jugs. After that, they went to do get the ingredients for the meals such as: cheese, meat, salsa, lettuce, and tomato. They did a great job looking and serving the food to the troop.  After the dinner, the Square patrol gathered all the dirty, greasy mess kits and wash them thoroughly clean. Following that, the scouts took a break by playing a competitive gaga ball game with the surrounding troops. Stay tune for tomorrow to see new and exciting stuff our troop will experience!"


After arrival at the Summit, we dropped of 3 boxes of canned goods for the West Virginia Food Bank.  We arrived at the campsite at 245pm.  By 7pm, we had set up 22 tents, two dining flies, 5 dinner tables, 4 stoves and cooked dinner!  Not bad at all.  It was warm/hot, but we had water and gatorade for the guys to drink.  Most scouts were in bed by 1030pm.  Tomorrow, we have a trip to the STEM fair area and several will go whitewater rafting. The remaining scouts will go to the other program areas.

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Jul 8-9 Hiking, Applachain Trail

Our Crew hiked 20 tough miles on their final Philmont preparation weekend.  BZ

Jun 26-Jul 1 Canoeing at Lenhok'sin, Goshen SR

We Canoed the James River for 4 nights and 5 days on one of Virginia’s most scenic rivers. We Paddled 64 miles from the headwaters at Iron Gate to the Snowden Dam experiencing over 100 class I rapids, 20 challenging class II rapids, and the infamous Balcony Falls. Several Adults and Scouts tried fishing along the way and we camped nightly at wilderness river side locations. The crew particiated in a river clean up project and met the 50 Miler award requirements. BZ

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Jun 16-18 Hiking, Gettysburg Battlefield

We hiked 12 miles in the heat and humidity enjoying the challenge and rewards of scouting. We had went to places ranging from a sniper's den to a general's headquarters. We had also went inside of some of the exhibits and looked at some of the strategies and some of the gear the soldiers had. We had finally looked at a cyclorama depicting Pickett's charge which was the largest civil war painting ever created. We had learned about the formations of the armies and how both of them fought and where. We went back to our campsite and had some dinner before going to sleep and going back the next morning. We believed that this camp out was quite successful for helping the scouts in orienteering, and from what I saw we all had a good hike. Drew

Jun 9-10 Hiking, Applachain Trail

We had a few problems with our plans to hike Old Rag mountain and ended up at Weaverton Cliffs.  BZ

Jun 3 Scott M. Eagle Project, Camp Higroads

We assisted Scott in constructing / replacing four sets of canoe racks to benefit the camp and their children's programs. We also had done some other things for the camp like clearing the pet cemetery of sticks. We cleared the area around the water conditioner to keep the fish alive in the lake and cut down some of the logs and organized them neatly. Overall a good service project and was well lead by Scott M. who has received his eagle rank.  BZ

May 27-29 Camping, Goshen 50th Anniversary

We Participated in this historic event and enjoyed all the activities Goshen Scout Reservation had to offer. The event was wet and muddy but capped off by a great fireworks show.  BZ

Apr 30 Hiking, Buzzard Hill

We Hiked 12 miles working on enduance, cooperation and skills.  BZ

Apr 22-23 Philadelphia & USS New Jersey

We Hiked around Philadelphia seeing historic sites and learning about our independence. Later we boarded the Battleship USS NJ, getting a guided tour, watching the small guns fire and exploring the next morning. We had first came to Philadelphia and went inside the visitors center to wait for the rest of the troop. While we waited we saw the March for Science by the entrance of the building. We then went to see the liberty bell which was nearby to some of the exhibits around the area like seeing a replica constitution. Afterwards we went to get some food that we seemed to all enjoy. We went back to the cars and drove over to a parking garage near the USS New Jersey. The USS New Jersey is an Iowa-class battleship that has been in three wars: World War II, Korean war and the Vietnam war. We had gotten a tour around the ship and towards the end of the tour we got to see the smaller guns fire before we went to sleep. In the morning we explored the ship on our own and then went back to the VHF.  Drew

Mar 25 Hiking, Banshee Reeks

We Hiked 8 miles getting back into the swing of things now that winter has passed. BZ

Mar 17-19 Biking, C&O Canal Trail

We Biked 26 Miles enjoying the weather and sights. BZ

Feb 24-26 Sking, Roundtop Resort

We spent a great weekend at Camp Tuckahoe and a not so snowy day on and off the slopes at Roundtop.  BZ

Jan 28 Jack P. Eagle Project, "A Place to Be"

We assisted Jack in constructing a sensory experience room at his Music Therapy school.  BZ

Jan 13-15 Wimp-O-Ree

We held our annual Merit Badge Weekend.  BZ

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