Jan   Wimp-O-Ree

Our annual Merit Badge Weekend. We had a great time even if the weather was really cold. We had a good pasta and meat dinner that night. afterwards we had the OA elections before we watched Rogue One. We went to bed very late at 1:00 am and then woke up again at 7:00 for breakfast which was pancakes and eggs cooked by the cooking merit badge participants. Then we continued the sessions for merit badges until lunch which was good. We continued and hiking merit badge participants went on a hike to find 2 eagles, and chess took part in a chess tournament where Ryan won. Dinner had shepherds pie and later the astronomy crew went out to look at the stars in freezing weather. We watched National Treasure afterwards and at 6:00 we wake up to pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We did roses and thorns where any thorns were the cold and most roses were the fun and enjoyable class sessions. We got ready and left by 9:00 am. Historian Drew

Feb   Skiing at Roundtop Resort in PA

The temperature was 45F and there was too little snow but we still spent a great time at Roundtop. BZ

Mar   Campout and Service Project at Camp Highroads

BRRRRR! it was cold this weekend, the Scouts earned a blue bead for each night in the tent (below 32 F). The service project was helpful and fun then later the Scouts sawed downed trees, played flag-tag and told stories around a roaring fire.  BZ

We left the VFW for Camp Highroads on Friday night. When we got there, we all set up our tents, but were careful because we were in an area with a lot of trees. Because of a windstorm a few weeks ago, many of the trees had fallen. After a chilly night in our sleeping bags and tents, we had breakfast. We set up a tarp between two trees in case it was going to rain later. Next we started our Service. We walked to another area of camp, and cleaned up sticks and fallen branches. We moved to another area, and took care of more fallen trees. We went the final area and did the same, but had a competition to decide who could carry the most branches. After that we enjoyed lunch and free time. We had dinner and slept another chilly night. Historian Drew

Apr   Scout Skills Campout with Crossover Patrol

We got to the Blue Ridge Center after 7:00 on Friday night. We all set up our tents, and slept, even though the frogs at the lake were loud. For breakfast on Saturday, we has pancakes and sausage. Lunch was sandwiches. At the Scout Skills camp we had two nice warm days without rain. The younger scouts learned about lashings, and keeping the "Bearmuda Triangle" (sleeping areas, cooking areas, and food storage areas) safe from bears. During our free time, the older Scouts built a fort. After it was done, we played Dungeons & Dragons. We had dinner and another good night's sleep, then left for the VFW Sunday morning. Historian Drew

May   Spring Ordeal with the Order of the Arrow

Four newly elected members. BZ

May   Northern Tier Prep Campout

Finding out who can portage, paddle and survive the wild. BZ

May   Sporting Events Campout

Fun, exciting and wet, the Sports Campout was drippy success. BZ

May   Tyler K. Eagle Project

3 different weekends of work helped Tyler to construct another storage shed for the VFW. BZ

May   Memorial Day Service

A dozen Scouts and several Adult Leaders attended the annual service at the County Courthouse. Our Troop served its charter VFW 1177 by handing out materials, and assisting with memorial wreath placement. BZ

June   Bicycling Campout

Fun, exciting and other stuff

Jun 23-Jun 30 Canoeing Quetico at Northern Tier 

We will Canoe the Quetico Provincial Park on the Canadian side of the lakes starting from Ely, MN

July Heritage Scout Reservation Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom Summer Camp 2018

Aug Campout


Sept Campout

Supposed to be the Scoutmasters Challenge, Rain limited the plan to bikes and kayaks

Oct Ropes Course - Clarksburg, MD & Sandy Springs, MD

Local 'high' adventure for all scout ages but especially the new Scouts.

Nov Mafeking Scout Challenge - Middleburg, VA

Troop 961 didn't have the manpower, resources or property to run Mafeking this year

Nov Service Project

 Scouting for Food

Dec Campout

Service Project Camping

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