2019 Journal

Jan   Wimp-O-Ree

Our annual Merit Badge Weekend.

Feb   Skiing in PA

Snowy paradise or slushy mess? Soon to be determined.

Mar   Campout


Apr   Scout Campout

Things we did Historian Oscar


Spring Ordeal with the Order of the Arrow

Some newly elected members. BZ


Fun and exciting. BZ

Dan G Eagle Project

Fun and exciting. BZ

Memorial Day Service

Scouts and several Adult Leaders attended the annual service at the County Courthouse. Our Troop served its charter VFW 1177 by handing out materials, and assisting with memorial wreath placement. BZ

June   Campout

Fun, exciting and other stuff


Sea Base Scuba Adventure

Fun, exciting and other stuff

Heritage Scout Reservation Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom Summer Camp 2019

Aug     Horse MB Campout

We started at six o’clock on august 23 to reach our campsite. This time we would be doing the horsemanship merit badge, which horse grooming, trail rides, and learning about the different parts of a horse. Everyone was prepared to have some fun at our campout but first we had to get there. After we got ourselves situated we piled into our cars and made the drive to our campsite. When we finally got to our site we set up our tents and slept for the night.

The next day was the fun part, we  quickly finished our breakfast and made our way over to the stables. At the stables our troop learned how to groom a horse, we were split into groups of three and each assigned to a horse. When we got to our horse someone was there waiting for us and assigned each one of us a job. We could either groom the tail and mane, groom the side of the horse, or scrape out the inside of the hooves. Lucky for me I did not have to scrape out the hooves. After the horse was clean we put the bridle and saddle on the horse ( or tacked them up ) and were ready to mount our horses.

We were all assigned to a horse based on our height. My horses name was Zach. We learned how to steer a horse, how to stop a horse, and even what to say when your horse stopped to poop. After our quick lesson on horse riding we were ready for the actual trail ride. We all got in line and rode along the trail. We rode through a small stream, past some tall trees, and through a lot of bushes. One of my biggest problems was gettin Zach not to eat the bushes. The way to keep your horse from eating on the trail is to yank its head away from the food, but I was scared to hurt him so it took awhile for me to learn. Along the trail ride there were certain points were we would be able to trot. Now trotting is not exactly galloping, but as a complete beginner trotting is really fast. Finally our trail ride came to an end and we headed back to our campsite.

When we got back we had some free time to whatever we wanted so a couple of boys decided to hang out by the creek until we had to head back and learn more about horses. Later we headed back to the stables to learn about the parts of a horse, the parts of a bridle, the parts of a saddle, horse breeds,and different sicknesses that horses can get. When we were done with that we headed back to camp ate dinner and went to bed really tired from all that horse riding.

The next day we packed all our camping gear, ate breakfast and made our way back to the VFW from the stables. When we got to the VFW, we cleaned up our equipment, and were eventually picked up by our parents to take us back home. Overall it was a great campout that everyone had fun at and it was the best way to spend our weekend.

Historian Manohar

Sept    Service

Scouts Take Part in History with illumination of War Monuments. On September 6, 2019, Scouts of Troop 1159 took part in history as they
participated in the dedication of new lighting for Loudoun’s war monuments on the courthouse grounds in historic Leesburg. The monuments honor both world wars and now are illuminated at night for the first time. Troop 1159 contributed to the ceremony by leading the pledge of allegiance. SM Meyers

Oct     Ropes Course - Clarksburg & Sandy Springs, MD

Local 'high' adventure for all scout ages but especially the new Scouts.


Orienteering Campout

Mr Zabela taught Orienteering Merit Badge and the fundamentals of reading maps and using a compass. It was fairly cold but the Scouts had a good time and everyone enjoyed the roaring fire when the sun sank below the horizon at 5 PM.  BZ

Mafeking- Scout Skills Campout

Troop 1159 sent one patrol and several older Scouts to the event. While it was run by another Troop than in the past and held at a different location, our Patrol distinguished themselves in all facets of skill challenges.  BZ

Service Projects

Scouting for Food is an annual event where Scouts promote and participate food donation to local food banks. This collection is a positive step in helping those in need in our community. BZ

Veterans Day Ceremony at Balls Bluff National Cemetary is an annual event Scouts attend with our Charter Organization VFW 1177 to honor and remember those who have served our country in the Armed Services. BZ

Ceremony in Leesburg Retires Flags and Pays Respect: They say respect for our nation’s symbols are an integral part of being a reverent, responsible scout. Scouts of Troop 1159 joined members of VFW Post 1177 including members of Loudoun County’s Fire and Rescue Training Center to participate in a meaningful, respectful flag retirement ceremony.

The Scouts conducted the ceremony with dignity and respect as they said their final goodbyes to a worn and torn beyond repair symbol of freedom. Participants left that day with a greater respect for our country, a greater respect for the United States flag. SM Meyers

Dec     Valley Forge Battlefield Hike & Campout

The campout was held at Conewago Camp in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. On Saturday, the scouts journeyed to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, explored the national historic park and accumulated miles of hiking there, which Evan described as "freezing".  

Historian Manohar

Mr. Hunter also wrote five memorable moments during the december campout to keep with tradition:

1  "Be Prepared ... We Are Prepared!" - These six scouts did an outstanding job preparing for cold weather conditions and made it through both camping nights without issue or complaint!  (I'd attribute that to their experience levels, thorough planning, and repeated parental reminders ;-)   I've encouraged them to share their preparation knowledge with the less experienced scouts so that everyone can feel confident enough to attend this type of adventure!

2  Grubmaster Kudos - Evan performed grub-master duties with efficiency and a nice variety of meals fitting each aspect of the trip.  Saturday morning started with a warm and easy to clean up breakfast.  Mid-day he provided a very packable lunch menu. In the evening he prepared a well received pasta meal. And for Sunday's departure he had a simple grab-and-go breakfast. One suggested improvement for the future is to remember to factor in dietary needs of the fellow campers when planning the meals.

3  Zombies Knowledge and Conspiracy Theories - While exploring Valley Forge, Jonathan provided the scouts with numerous alternate historical "realities" that all seemed to involve zombies. He also reported (or possibly dreamed up?) several conspiracy theories about some of the prominent historical sites within the park (e.g. something about a missile silo?!?!).  Maybe we should just chalk all of this up to the cold weather and move along?

4  Tent Snowball? - While all campers had some level of frost within their tents both mornings, Calvin and Tyler take the cake, so to speak, by having enough frost within their tent to actually make a decent snowball!  (... of course, the snowball was then "delivered" to a neighboring tent as a good morning gesture)

5  Good Attitudes and Cooperation - All six scouts on this trip had good attitudes from the moment we mustered at the VFW all the way through our return.  They worked well with one another and stayed true to the Scout Law.
Only six scouts attended this campout and I think they all had a great time.

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