Troop 1159 Wimp-O-Ree

            It is planned for the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February 2014 and is an ideal opportunity to complete a number of Merit Badges in a short period of time.  Additionally, the Wimp-O-Ree is where the Scouts plan their activities for the next 12 to 18 months so participation by all the Scouts is really desired. I planned it last year and am planning on doing it again this year.  However, I would like someone to help this year with the intention of passing the responsibility to someone else for 2015 though.

            As I explained to the Scouts at the last troop meeting, the Wimp-O-Ree requires a substantial amount of planning and coordination.  We typically have 5 – 1 ½ hour sessions on Saturday for the Scouts to work on earning Merit Badges with Merit Badge Counselors.   I would like to offer 10 to 12 merit badge opportunities this year – dependent upon the number of counselors we have available. 

             I asked the Scouts to let me know what Merit Badges they desire, but would like to offer the following at a minimum:

  • First Aid
  • Swimming / Life Saving
  • Horsemanship (would limit this to 4 to 6 senior scouts – we cannot have any “horsing” around by the scouts around the horses and the more junior scouts have a tendency to lose focus too quickly)
  • Dog / Pet care – I’m thinking maybe Friday evening we could have a pet show and enable the scouts to knock out some of the requirements for these merit badges then.
  • Chess – always a favorite (many thanks to Charles Roberts for organizing this the last 2 years).
  • Computers
  • Coin Collecting
  • Nuclear Science (if there is interest I’m sure we could talk Dr. Williams into this one).
  • Photography
  • Cooking (for 3 Senior and 3 Junior Scouts – they will be responsible for providing breakfast and lunch for all attendees.

             In prior years, the adults provided an Italian Themed dinner, I’m tempted to have the Scouts working on the Cooking Merit Badge provide the meal this year for themselves and their family members – it might be a bit much – catering a meal for 50 to 60 people, we will see. I would like to provide the opportunity for the Sr. Scouts to camp outside – regardless of the weather both nights.

 Also, given how tight it is in the building when all the Scouts are there, I would like to set up a couple canopies out back on Saturday to provide some additional space. 

 This year I am going to add some additional physical activities to the mix – too much sitting around opens up the door to behavior issues.  So, before breakfast this year we will engage in some early morning physical activities, and before lunch we will have a series of competitions also – half an hour long. 

 Friday evening will be the traditional pizza and movie evening but I would like to mix it up a little by possibly having a pet show put on by the Scouts working on Dog or Pet Care Merit Badges.  

 Saturday Evening is always confusing – lot’s of pent up energy after supper.  I am tempted to run them across the street to Ida Lee and do something after dark – maybe a first aid competition?  Break the boys up into teams of 4, give them some poles and rope, and have them locate an injured scout leader (adult), perform first aid on the adult, and then extract (carry) the adult back to the VFW – prize for the best extraction and prize for the highest quality first aid performed.   Burns up a lot of energy and gives them something constructive to do after dark.    Thoughts / Suggestions?

 A Lesson Learned from last year – last year we had several scouts who only signed up for 1 or 2 Merit Badges and they then spent the rest of their time inventing new way to, “get adult attention”.  This year it will change, if a scout is not signed up for a merit badge during a session - they have then automagically volunteered to go on a hike around Ida Lee and Morven Park during the session(s) they are not working on merit badges (this will happen - rain, shine, or even snow – Scouts are always prepared – right?).  To further clarify – this year, if a scout would only sign up for 2 merit badges – one in the AM and one in the PM, then the scout will work on the Physical Fitness or possibly the Hiking Merit Badges and will go on a 1 ½ hour endurance training run/hike in the morning and two (2) 1 ½ hour endurance training run/hikes in the afternoon.  Also, I’m trying to recruit a couple marathon runn ers to lead the runs/hikes – just to ensure the pace and distance covered truly represents what a Scout could/should accomplish in an hour and a half – we are not talking a leisurely stroll once around the grounds.  Last year the suggestion was made the Scouts do this with full packs also – I think that might be a bit much so we won’t go there.  The goal here is to get them to work on Merit Badges, not to use the weekend as a time to horse around and disrupt others trying to complete Merit Badges.

 These are my initial thoughts for the Wimp-O-Ree – please contact me if you have other ideas, thoughts, comments or suggestions.   Also – please let me know if you are willing to assist that weekend in ANY capacity.

 Thanks, CC Allen Warner

Merit Badge Counselors

You have the skills to do this! The process is relatively simple: Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Qualification Form – list the merit badges you feel you are qualified to be a counselor on and identify why you are qualified.   Everyone reading this has some type of a career, hobby, or specific educational focus that can be applied to being a Merit Badge counselor – there are 132 merit badges to choose from – every adult should be capable of counseling at least 1 or 2 of them.

             I would like to add additional Troop 1159 counselors for the following Merit Badges:

            Archery            Astronomy            Backpacking            Camping            Chemistry     Citizenship in the Community, Nation, World            Composite Materials

            Computers            Cooking            Dog Care            Electricity            Electronics       Engineering            Family Life            First Aid            Game Design            Home Repairs

            Kayaking            Lifesaving            Programming            Robotics 

I would like for at least 1 parent of every active Scout to sign up to be a counselor for at least 1 Merit Badge.  If that means we have 26 counselors for Indian Lore – that is great, but at least we have counselors for the Scouts to go to.  Right now they keep going to the same 2 or 3 individuals and we need to move beyond that as a Troop.

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