Goose Creek Cub Packs

Troop 1159 is closer than you thought, please take a look at the map and table. Find Packs via Scouting Link.

Cub Pack Proximity to Troop 1159 Leesburg

PackTownSchoolMeeting LocationMeeting DateTimeMiles
71LeesburgFrances Hazel ReidFrances Hazel Reid ES3rd Thursday7:00 PM1.35
256LeesburgSycolin Creek, LCSSycolin Creek Es3rd Wednesday7:00 PM8.720
711LeesburgHome SchoolersDestiny Church1st Monday7:00 PM1.76
958LeesburgCool Spring, CatoctinCool Spring ES2nd Monday6:45PM3.310
965LeesburgLeesburg, LuckettsLeesburg ES3rd Thursday7:00 PM1.64
969WesternHamilton, WaterfordHamilton ES4th Wednesday7:15 PM6.413
982LeesburgBall's BluffBalls Bluff ES1st & 3rd Thursday7:00 PM2.26
998LeesburgTolbertJohn Tolbert ES1st Friday7:00 PM4.311
1151AshburnDominion TrailDominion Trails ES1st Thursday7:00 PM919
1154AshburnSander's CornerSanders Corner ESLast Tuesday7:00 PM11.315
1158AshburnAshburnAshburn ES3rd Wednesday7:00 PM8.218
1445AshburnNewton-LeeNewton-Lee ESLast Monday7:00 PM716
1550LeesburgEvergreen, Dominion Ac.Evergreen Mill ES3rd Thursday7:00 PM2.99
1666AshburnCedar LaneCedar Lane ES3rd Wednesday7:00 PM8.919
1733Western Catoctin Presbyterian Ch.Wednesday6:30 PM6.612