Troop High Adventure Trips

2013 Sea Base Florida Scuba

Sea Base FL Keys Scuba

Four Scouts, two Scoutmasters and two Adults attended the SCUBA program in the keys at Islamorada, FL. They arrived two days early to tour the Everglades and see southern Florida before spending a terriffic week below and above the water.

Rodney Sailing Chesapeake2014 / 2015 Rodney Scout Reservation Sailing

Five Scouts participated in the High-Adventure Sailing program on the Chesapeake Bay over the course of two Summer Camps. The Scouts learned to sail and earned four or five merit badges along the way.


2016 Lenhok'sin at Goshen Scout Reservation

Lenhok'sin at Goshen Hiking Adventure
Ten Scouts and two Scoutmasters hiked thirty miles over three peaks and ho

ned their skills in preparation for the 2017 trip to Philmont. We discovered that ounces count and extra gear just isn't necessary. We also learned some lightweight cooking techniques and improved our hiking skills. Check our Historian's Journal for more information and other events.

2016 Philmont Scout Reservation Cavalcade

We had one Scout and one Adult go with Crew 158 on the Philmont Cavalcade this summer. The crew of fifteen spent a week on horseback enjoying the mountains and learning horsemanship.

2016 BSA Sea Base USVI

Sea Base USVI SnorkelingThe troop sent four Scouts, one Venturer and two Leaders and a parent to sail in the USVI for a week in August. This was an exciting trip and we learned alot about sailing, sun, snorking and each other. The hardest part was trying to sleep on deck when it rained but the fun and adventure made up for the difficulties sleeping.  Check our Historian's Journal for more information and other events.

This is a 7 day / 6 night adventure sailing aboard a 41+ foot yacht in the waters around St. Thomas and St. John. We will snorkel, fish, swim and hike in the USVI National Park.Upon arrival BSA will transport us to the Sapphire Beach Resort. All members will need to pass the BSA swim test PRIOR to arrival and then a swim review on arrival; then we'll provision the ship and set sail. On day 6 we'll return to the marina but spend the last night aboard the ship. 

2017 Lenhok'sin at Goshen Scout Reservation: Jame River Canoeing

James River 8 Scouts and 4 adults spent a week paddling 64 miles on the James River in southern VA. We went from Irongate to Snowden damand built some muscle paddling the scenic river. This was great preparation for Northern Tier next Summer.

2017 Philmont Scout Reservation     

Philmont Scout Ranch

We have a reservation for twelve to hike in the mountains of northern New Mexico. 

We're excited about the opportunity and are diligently preparing our Scouts and Leaders to spend ten days on the trail.


2018 Northern Tier at Ely Base

Northern Tier


Our Scouts have been selected for a weeks adventure at Northern Tier on the Canadian border of Minnesota starting from the Ely Base.